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Lightning Review – Wireless Video

AT LinkCastAV EU VersionRather than some of the longer reviews I’ve done such as The Unbearable Lightness of LightTable and  FTTC in the UK where I go in to quite a bit of detail, I’ve decided to start doing some “Lightning Reviews” where I don’t give all the reasoning, but simply what I’ve chosen and why.

Atlona AT-LinkCastAV-EU

Basically, I scanned Google and there was only one stand out unit for HDTV wireless streaming, the Atlona AT-LinkCastAV-EU. There are many other units out there, at this or lower revolution, but at the end of the day, this is the only one that won the CES 2012 Innovations Award


  • These guys are seriously professional – check out http://www.atlona.com/ and drool over their high-end gear (if you run a TV station or the like ;)
  • The device is ridiculously easy to set up in Windows 7 (& I’d assume Windows 8)


  • On another (older) laptop, also with Windows 7, there seemed to be occasional dropouts – luckily, this one would only be used occasionally


There’s no doubt that Atlona is “best of breed”, with the one issue that it may not work consistently on your computer. I’m assuming that this would be a rarity and may of been due to the HDMI version on the older laptop or something.

I’d therefore rate this as a Cautious Buy, i.e. make sure you can try it at a store (if it plays 10 minutes without a dropout then you should be right), or that it’s covered by “Distance Selling Regulations” / the ability to return it if it doesn’t work with your particular device.

Overall I’m extremely happy with this as it’s simple and works :-)

Hitler’s SOA Project

So I’ve probably spent a bit too much time over the weekend looking at “Hitler Bunker Videos”. If you’re not familiar with them, there’s a classic scene from the movie Downfall, which strangely enough is about the last ten days of Hitler’s reign. There’s a huge community doing subtitles about various subjects over this scene (just Google). For my subject, I chose one close to my heart – SOA Architecture and Governance. Have a look, but it does have some swearing in it (which is pretty obligatory in HBV’s):

I suppose the other thing I should note is that my current contract is great and that the work I’m doing there is nothing like this or in that sort of environment. Also, I have tremendous respect for Thomas Erl and Gregor Hohpe, using material from them in much of my work. The video is more a compilation of the worst behaviors and attitudes that I’ve seen over the years I’ve been involved with SOA, Governance Committees and Senior Stakeholders ;-)

Finally, if you are interested in doing you’re own HBV, then the best starting point is this classic “Hitler and Friends Explain How to Make a Hitler Parody”

and that’s pretty much it! I did mine on a Mac and the instructions are pretty much the same but using iMovie. I put mine up on Vimeo as YouTube will give you a warning because they can match the clip to the movie and they’re pretty evil anyway. At one stage they did threaten to take down all the HBV’s. There is no problem with posting these though as something like this constitutes “fair use”.