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Twitter Holiday 2

Twitter Holiday

Yet again, I’m taking a break from Twitter – the last time was over a year ago and I have some holidays (to Aus – WOOHOO!) and other things to attend to. As with last time, I’d like to give some of the resources and inspiration for me on twitter:

  • Jennifer Sertl @JenniferSertlStrategy, Leadership and the Soul: Resilience, Responsiveness and Reflection for a Global Economy – we obviously need people like her!
  • Bob Marshall @flowchainsensei – another “must follow” – I’ll be doing some things on this blog on Rightshifting and the Antimatter Principle
  • Alex Ley @AlexEvade – worked with him for a bit – you should check out his latest project : http://www.nerdability.com
  • Tony DaSilva @Bulldozer0 – a “self declared twitter buddy” :-) Leave your sacred cows at the door before reading him though
  • Jakub Holý @HolyJak – We think quite similarly and I’ve since met him at EuroClojure – a cool guy (and I’m not just saying that because he’s interested in Clojure ;)
  • Andrea Chiou @andreachiou – puppy person GREAT agilist and now NVC’er
  • Jim Benson @ourfounder – do I really need to introduce him? no…
  • Ruth Malan @ruthmalan – I always value what Ruth says – such a fountain of knowledge
  • John Wenger @JohnQShift – Recently landed in UK and doing all sorts of systems and leadership thinking
  • John Hagel @jhagel – Co-chairman, Deloitte LLP Center for the Edge – worth checking out
  • Bernd Nurnberger @CoCreatr – I like this guys take on global events
  • Paul Klipp @agileactivist – The only Anthropologist I follow on Twitter – oh – he’s very much in to Kanban and software in general
  • Ari-Pekka Skarp @apskarp – A mysterious Finn. But then again, which Finn’s aren’t mysterious?…
  • Kurzweil AI News @KurzweilAINews – Are you ready for “The Singularity”? These guys will keep you up to speed
  • Saybrook University @SaybrookU – Great posts on change

Does that mean I’m disconnecting myself from the world? Not at all (just the twitter one) – I’ve already done a bunch of conferences and met some amazing people and will be doing more entries on this blog as time allows.

One thing to note is that I will still be publishing links to Twitter automatically when I do a blog entry. As I won’t be looking at twitter, if you do have any comments then please use the Comments area in WordPress if you want a response from me.

If you want to contact me directly, most people have my email but if you don’t, the best bet is to LinkIn with me at http://www.linkedin.com/in/rwest.

Jennifer Sertl – Lean Impact

JenniferSertlLeanImpactJust saw this new list from JS and being and being very much in to Lean, had to curate this list…

  1. Escalator_Everyman_Pilgrim_1984-1Navigating Complexity
    @ogunte ♫
  2. Making the Most of Physical Flows in Connected World by @jhagel via @techonomy
  3. A dose of manufacturing creativity with @jonahlehrer
  4. Resources for keeping up with creativity & design via @Forbes
  5. Five Steps to Reaching Your Creative Destiny HT @yarrowkraner
  6. 10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People via @faisal_hoque
  7. Designing the economy with principles of nature via @gideonro
  8. Designing A Smart City new model with @boydcohen & @manuchis
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality by @flowchainsensei +1 rich resources listed

Bonus: Design a thing by considering it in its next larger context a chair–> room –> house –> environment in a city plan ~ Eliel Saarinen

Jennifer Sertl on Hope

  1. Hope - Emily Dickson - smallHope by Emily Dickinson
  2. How Optimism Creates Resilience via @bigthink
  3. Video: Abundance Is Our Future by @PeterDiamandis
  4. 5 Mantras For 2013 (or anytime!) by @faisal_hoque @FastCompany
  5. Instead of Making Resolutions . . . Dream by @johnsonwhitney
    ♫ Video: Natasha Bedingfield – Wild Horses
  6. Videos: The Porcelain Unicorn & A Piece of Chalk #poignant.
  7. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  8. Social Entrepreneurship, CSR & the Imagination by @nigelcameron #cpet
  9. The New Triple Bottom Line by @ReachScale via @CSRwire
  10. Video: The Empathic Civilization by @JeremyRifkin


To make a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference
~ Don Michael

Jennifer Sertl on Design

Jennifer Sertl DesignIt’s “Blog Sunday” (when I do some entries for now and the coming week) but I’m also doing some Clojure coding and watching @Kevlin Henney‘s “The Programmer”. and @Edumund Jackson‘s “Clojure Data Science” So, it seemed apt that I publish Jennifer’s list on Design to keep my “blog pace” up, which is my current experiment…

  1. The Laws of Subtraction changethis.com/manifesto/99.0… … by @MatthewEMay HT @CoCreatr#simplicity
  2. Design Principles Index deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/… via @Deloitte HT @On_the_edge1
  3. Business model visualization rossdawson.com/frameworks/ by @rossdawson
  4. Aligning Personal Development with Business Strategy enlargeexcelevolve.com/2012/12/aligni… my pov with @DrAmitInspires
  5. Strategy + Leadership + Soul agility3r.com/book-section/c… my life’s work~ biz strat + self awareness
  6. Robust internal business design box.com/shared/af7861f… by @Ronald_C_Stern #humanize
  7. Designing A Smart City fastcoexist.com/1680538/what-e… new model bit.ly/157oDwp with @boydcohen & @manuchis #smartcities
  8. Designing the economy with principles of nature yesmagazine.org/issues/what-wo… via @DonRichNet @gideonro
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem ottoscharmer.com/docs/articles/… by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality flowchainsensei.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/the… by @flowchainsensei rich resources listed,thx.