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Let’s go Egoless!

A recent article and discussion got me thinking about egolessness. It was when I was studying at Uni that I was exposed to “egoless programming”. It certainly makes sense as when you’re at Uni, unless you’re an egomaniac, one cannot help but realise how much there is to learn. And therefore how much you don’t know…

Once your in an “egoless space”, the benefit is of course that it becomes easy to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of a program, architecture, process, whatever… It’s just like critiquing a piece of art in a gallery.

In the contract I’m currently in, I’m lucky enough to exist in a relatively egoless team. We have leaders who are quiet, purposeful and supportive. My fellows are all of similar ability, with skills in different areas and we seem to complement each other nicely. There’s obviously enough overlap so we can critique each others work, but no one has their ego in it. We’re all on a journey to learn and grow!

As a contractor I realise that this is not usual at at the moment am just relishing it – like a refreshing dip in a mountain lake

Mountain Lake at Sunset