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Jennifer Sertl – Lean Impact

JenniferSertlLeanImpactJust saw this new list from JS and being and being very much in to Lean, had to curate this list…

  1. Escalator_Everyman_Pilgrim_1984-1Navigating Complexity
    @ogunte ♫
  2. Making the Most of Physical Flows in Connected World by @jhagel via @techonomy
  3. A dose of manufacturing creativity with @jonahlehrer
  4. Resources for keeping up with creativity & design via @Forbes
  5. Five Steps to Reaching Your Creative Destiny HT @yarrowkraner
  6. 10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People via @faisal_hoque
  7. Designing the economy with principles of nature via @gideonro
  8. Designing A Smart City new model with @boydcohen & @manuchis
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality by @flowchainsensei +1 rich resources listed

Bonus: Design a thing by considering it in its next larger context a chair–> room –> house –> environment in a city plan ~ Eliel Saarinen

Jennifer Sertl on Valentines Day

Update: JS has just posted an aggregation herself: Love Mosaic

Just finishing up Valentines Day here in the UK and found a great series of tweets on Love by Jennifer Sertl. I know she sometimes curates and comments on them, but I found them so inspiring that I wanted to get them out there asap :-)

  1. Why We Need Each Other Daniel H Pink: employees are faster and more creative when solving other people’s problems – Telegraph via @DanielPink
  2. 9 Rules for Creating Passionate Work Culture  via @FastCompany
  3. Perspective with @TeresaFritschi : A Thousand Years, when love isn’t a smaltz-y commercial event
  4. The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis
  5. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  6. The Empathic Brain  by Christian Keysers
  7. Love is the Killer App by @sanderssays
  8. Lethality of Loneliness: How it Can Ravage Your Body and Brain by @JudithShulevitz – HT @ManieBosman

PS Apart from Jennifer, I have to give a shout-out to @tetradian @ArtBourbon @RuthMalan and @flowchainsensei also today ♥