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We’ll start with a legend, Ray Kurzweil talking at the most recent Demo Conference

I know there’s a lot of debate around Kurzweil and the whole Singularity Concept, but you have to give him credit for actually working towards this, as will be outlined in his upcoming book (which he mentions) How the Mind Works and How to Build One. I’ll certainly be buying a copy when it comes out!

Speaking of self-organising systems, I just watched a fantastic TED talk on The self-organizing computer course

Which touches on something I’ve always believed, which is that in order to really understand computing, people need some deep knowledge. I was lucky in that I have a double degree in Computer Science and Instrumental Science (which is basically a stripped down engineering course) and grew up in an era when you had to build your own computer! Ever heard of the Sinclair Mk 14, Mini-Scamp or EDUC-8? Amazingly, Simon Shocken gets students to build a whole computer in one semester!!! You can find out more at

Another great TED video on The currency of the new economy is trust

that mentions AirBnB and a very interesting service called TaskRabbit. Also related is a great report Social Currency 2012 Report, that was highlighted by @JenniferSertl which shows that there is real momentum building behind companies doing real social media engagement. And no, having a Twitter and Facebook account isn’t sufficient!

Finally, if you’re in to Clojure, then you should probably check out the video by Arthur Edelstein about Clooj, a great little IDE written in Clojure

It’s amazing to think this guy does all this in his spare time! Personally, I’m not an “emacs guy”, just because I never got in to it, and therefore use Clooj. The second half has a great demo of a new feature that enables you to find and integrate shared code in to Clooj – think of them as micro-libraries.

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As I’m not on Twitter at the moment, I wanted some way to capture interesting things I’ve come across for both myself and anyone else who is interested. That was the original use I had for Twitter.

So along my new lines of Slow Social Media, I’m going to note things here then do a “release” when it feels right – it could be days or weeks between signposts – just depends on where the journey takes me…

I started out with a post on programming (that will be in SignPost 1), but at the moment, the theme of the week seems to be music, so here goes:

If you like dance music and festivals, then you should check out Tomorrowland – it’s the largest festival in Europe and best summed up by this amazing and very long 2.5h long YouTube Video

WOW – I say that a lot, but in this case, if you’re in to Modular Synths then check out these relatively unknown yet AMAZING people – The Analog Session, playing their signature tune

You can find more out about them at And I suppose while we’re on the subject of electronic music check out this great documentary on Moog

Finally, it’s been Jeff Lynn night, so if you like ELO, The Traveling Wilburys etc… you should check out:

And listen to his new albums:

Hello world! Of Architecture and Change

If you’re interested in IT, Privacy, Science, Maths, Process, Systems (of people and technical), Programming, Organisations and any other topics that grab my attention, then you may want to follow this.

I did have a site called Architectural musings (which I’ll be reposting content from) but thanks to much listening, twittering and thinking I’ve decided to broaden my remit a bit because I do work a lot with change and at the end of the day, most of my architectural work does involve change in some form.

Most of my work is in large corporates, doing either (or both of):

  • Architecture (Yang): Enterprise, Solutions, SOA and Application / Technical (Java & J2EE)
  • Process (Yin): Waterfall, V, Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban and anything else that seems useful

And just like in life, I’m after achieving some sort of balance :-)