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DIY Oil Spill Simulation

Croatia Oil SpillI’m currently looking for a contract (hint :) but today was not my normal day where I wake up, have a coffee, watch a bit of TV, then start looking for something… Because part of my start is checking out Social Media, where I came across this piece The only oil that goes with a Croatian bikini is olive! by teresafritschi via @JenniferSertl, one of the great global connectors. I’d encourage you to read the piece first, not only for the context of why I did this, but as to why you should be concerned that the oil industry and politicians will probably wreck the Adriatic in the next decade!



20101020 gulf oil spill mapNow to the graphic – how did I do it and what is it’s validity? In short, I used PowerPoint to strip out backgrounds and scale things correctly so I could transpose the BP Oil Spill graphic (from One-fifth of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna killed by BP oil spill) on to Google Maps. All you have to do is “go” to New Orleans and adjust the scale on your Google Map so it’s the same scale as as the graphic’s one:


BP Oil SpillOnce you have this, you can go to anywhere in the world (e.g. Croatia) and just underlay that graphic in to the sea – how do we do that?

First, you use a clever little feature that PowerPoint has called “Remove Background”. Firstly, you use it on the Oil Spill to remove the “Background”, which PPT thinks is the faintest part, so on that graphic it’s the map – Voila!


Oil Spill BackgroundNow you have that, set the transparent colour and you can rotate and transpose it to your hearts content so it fits under your map graphic

Croatia Oil Spill Underlay

There’s a bit of Art and Science in doing this – the key things I did for Croatia were align it with the coast and ‘reflect’ it so you have the same phenomena as on the top-right of the original Oil Spill because it’s in a sheltered area and so is the Adriatic. Just in case anyone questions this, I’ve been deliberately conservative as I actually think an oil spill could be even worse in the Adriatic as it’s effectively a confined space!

Croatia-TransparentOnce you have your underlay, how do you put it under the map? That’s where we go back to our friend from PPT, “Remove Background” – you’ll probably have to play about with it a bit this time (as the contrast between sea and land is not as obvious). You can now put together your final image as shown below by simply setting the layer order correctly.

All up, this probably took about an hour as it’s a bit of a fiddly process, but for a cause like Saving the Adriatic, it was well worthwhile.

Furthermore, if anyone’s drilling just off your coast, you can now do your own visualisation of what the impact may be on yourself and neighbouring countries ;-)


Jennifer Sertl – Lean Impact

JenniferSertlLeanImpactJust saw this new list from JS and being and being very much in to Lean, had to curate this list…

  1. Escalator_Everyman_Pilgrim_1984-1Navigating Complexity
    @ogunte ♫
  2. Making the Most of Physical Flows in Connected World by @jhagel via @techonomy
  3. A dose of manufacturing creativity with @jonahlehrer
  4. Resources for keeping up with creativity & design via @Forbes
  5. Five Steps to Reaching Your Creative Destiny HT @yarrowkraner
  6. 10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People via @faisal_hoque
  7. Designing the economy with principles of nature via @gideonro
  8. Designing A Smart City new model with @boydcohen & @manuchis
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality by @flowchainsensei +1 rich resources listed

Bonus: Design a thing by considering it in its next larger context a chair–> room –> house –> environment in a city plan ~ Eliel Saarinen

Jennifer Sertl on Hope

  1. Hope - Emily Dickson - smallHope by Emily Dickinson
  2. How Optimism Creates Resilience via @bigthink
  3. Video: Abundance Is Our Future by @PeterDiamandis
  4. 5 Mantras For 2013 (or anytime!) by @faisal_hoque @FastCompany
  5. Instead of Making Resolutions . . . Dream by @johnsonwhitney
    ♫ Video: Natasha Bedingfield – Wild Horses
  6. Videos: The Porcelain Unicorn & A Piece of Chalk #poignant.
  7. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  8. Social Entrepreneurship, CSR & the Imagination by @nigelcameron #cpet
  9. The New Triple Bottom Line by @ReachScale via @CSRwire
  10. Video: The Empathic Civilization by @JeremyRifkin


To make a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference
~ Don Michael

Jennifer Sertl on Resilience

Jennifer Sertl ResilienceWe all want Resilience, but how do we get it? Look at the photo – that’s Resilience!!! The ground has literally shifted beneath the tree, exposing it’s roots. Yet it’s alive!

It’s adapted – seems like there’s quite a bit of flexibility involved too, as it’s probably about 20 feet below all the other trees…
Over to Jennifer now:

  1. Jay Forrester’s Shock the System… by @ArtKleiner via @MITSloan HT @EkolojikZeka
  2. Self-Determination Theory… by #ROC treasure Professor Edward Deci
  3. Treasure trove of article references from military resilience training…
  4. 10 Principles for a Swan Proof World… by @nntaleb
  5. Trajectory Shift Request: At Davos: Why U.S. companies fail to innovate | via @TIMEBusiness
  6. Mastering Risk… … via @gbntweets
  7. Viktor Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning . . . perhaps the most important read in your lifetime: Man’s Search for Meaning
  8. The Stockdale Paradox + Optimism…
  9. Resilience is to the 21st century what growth was to the 20th (treasure trove) via @auerswald
  10. Pure gold: Resilience + Knowledge Management… HT @toughLoveforx

Jennifer Sertl on Design

Jennifer Sertl DesignIt’s “Blog Sunday” (when I do some entries for now and the coming week) but I’m also doing some Clojure coding and watching @Kevlin Henney‘s “The Programmer”. and @Edumund Jackson‘s “Clojure Data Science” So, it seemed apt that I publish Jennifer’s list on Design to keep my “blog pace” up, which is my current experiment…

  1. The Laws of Subtraction… … by @MatthewEMay HT @CoCreatr#simplicity
  2. Design Principles Index… via @Deloitte HT @On_the_edge1
  3. Business model visualization by @rossdawson
  4. Aligning Personal Development with Business Strategy… my pov with @DrAmitInspires
  5. Strategy + Leadership + Soul… my life’s work~ biz strat + self awareness
  6. Robust internal business design… by @Ronald_C_Stern #humanize
  7. Designing A Smart City… new model with @boydcohen & @manuchis #smartcities
  8. Designing the economy with principles of nature… via @DonRichNet @gideonro
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem… by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality… by @flowchainsensei rich resources listed,thx.

Jennifer Sertl on Learning

Jennifer Sertl LearningAs I remarked in my previous post with Kevlin Henney’s ACCU 2013 Resources, I’ve archived quite a few of Jennifer Sertl’s tweets, specifically when she does a “Top 10”, as I’ve always wanted to archive them in some form because it’s always good info. To that end, I’ve decided to share them as blog posts to get back in to some regular blogging.

Without further ado, here’s her Top 10 InfoBytes on Learning:

  1. Teaching Smart People How to Learn (Argyris classic) via @DavidHolzmer | un-learn to learn ∞
  2. Passion & Flow… by @jhagel
  3. Drive – the surprising truth about motivation #RSA by @DanielPink
  4. The Empathic Civilization #RSA via @JeremyRifkin
  5. Building personal capacity for #reflection… … my personal model w/ @DrAmitInspires
  6. The Age of Insight… by @jonahlehrer via @wired
  7. How reading can increase critical thinking… my pov w/ @DrAmitInspires
  8. Here are the three fundamental books I’d love all educators to have……#edu
  9. How serious are we about learning?… … sober view @cdnorman
  10. From Overloaded Circuits… … … … toward the Power of Pause… … … … via @BKpub