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Watched Over By Machines Of Evil

Machines Of Evil

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic dystopia
where mammals rule computers rule mammals
living in a sad world with no humanity
algorithms polluting
our water
and our sky.

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic garbage dump
filled with dross and electronics
where deer are killed
by protective drones
as if they were objects
with no remorse.

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic boot
stomping for continual labor
detached from nature,
detached from mammal
brothers and sisters,
and all watched over
by machines of evil.

The above is the exact opposite of “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” by Richard Brautigan. And no, I don’t actually think of that as our future, but more of a warning of where it could go if certain human dynamics in our world system are left unchecked ;-)

Poem for The Waterfall Organisation

WaterfallThe Waterfall Organisation. Smashing things on to rocks and down great distances with much spray and noise, but to what effect? The Bottom?

Fishes, swimming in the stream. Oblivious to the waterfall for they live in the flow.

But there is life beyond the stream, beyond The Waterfall.

The fish know this not. The Stream knows this not. The Rocks and Water know this not.

Will they learn? That The Waterfall exists within The World which exists within The Universe.

How small The Waterfall is…