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Watched Over By Machines Of Evil

Machines Of Evil

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic dystopia
where mammals rule computers rule mammals
living in a sad world with no humanity
algorithms polluting
our water
and our sky.

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic garbage dump
filled with dross and electronics
where deer are killed
by protective drones
as if they were objects
with no remorse.

I dread to think (but
cannot help!)
of a cybernetic boot
stomping for continual labor
detached from nature,
detached from mammal
brothers and sisters,
and all watched over
by machines of evil.

The above is the exact opposite of “All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace” by Richard Brautigan. And no, I don’t actually think of that as our future, but more of a warning of where it could go if certain human dynamics in our world system are left unchecked ;-)

Back in Australia


WOW! I just realised that it’s been a year since I did a blog post. I knew it had been a while, but I figured around 6 months max… Well, I suppose I needed it, and the good news is that I’M BACK!

I’m not going to go in to what has transpired over the past year since an agile adoption, as it’s quite involved and will come out in some successive posts, but will focus on where I am now and what my Posting Plans are.

Near the end of last year we started planning a return to Australia after almost a decade in the UK – what a BLAST! So many lovely experiences, people, places and new friends :-) Eventually though, it was time to return to Australia as it really is my home and although I may have a few gripes about it, Australia really is an amazing place and as the old cliche goes: I now really appreciate how lucky I am to live in this country after being away so long. That shot above is from my local beach which is 3 mins drive, and I can get in to the city (in the distance) in around 1/2h with a walk and public transport – that’s a pretty good lifestyle.

So what’s in the pipe? A much more varied mix than when I started out doing just “software stuff”:

  • Reflections on life in the UK and Europe
  • Observations on life in Australia now I’m back
  • Reviews of gadgets
  • Travelogues as I explore my own country – now I’ve probably seen more of Europe than I have of Australia, so it’s time to correct that
  • Process  – yes, I’m still on the agile path
  • Architecture – looks like that will be my primary area of work still
  • Software – which I’m gradually getting back in to, with the current focus being Clojure
  • Probably the odd bit of music or photography to round things out
  • Anything else anyone would like me to write about…


The 100 (93) Brands at Baselworld

HYT_SkullGreenEyeAnyone who knows me, knows I’m an Amateur (cheap ;) Horologist. At the moment, Baselworld, which is one of the most exclusive watch events in the world, is on. There are many resources out there (which I’ll include in another post) but a key one which I’ll be using is the “100 Brands at Baselworld” by Although it’s a great watch site, technically it’s not a great site as the search is broken and it’s clear the pages were  manually made rather than generated from a database. As a result of this, there’s no index for the 100 Brands! :-(

With a bit of “site: Googling” I’ve captured all this in to a spreadsheet which I then sorted and tidied. Below is an index for the 93 Brands at Baselworld – I don’t know why, but there are a few missing. Enjoy :-)

Note: Some links just go to pictures and others to a short article

What’s your favourite, most intersting etc..? Please post in comments below…

1 – Blancpain … 32 – Breitling … 63 – HYT
2 – Auguste Reymond … 33 – Storm London … 64 – Bentley …
3 – Ball Watch … 34 – Wolf 65 – Luminox – WatchPro
4 – Breguet 35 – Nixon 66 – Ebel
5 – Longines … 36 – Ice-Watch … 67 – Juicy Couture …
6 – Aviator 37 – Oris 68 – Bomberg …
7 – Ernest Borel … 38 – Linde Werdelin … 69 – Le Rhone …
8 – Claude Meylan … 39 – Guess Watches … 70 – Caravelle NY …
9 – Mido 40 – Bulova Accutron … 71 – U-Boat
10 – Speake Marin … 41 – Girard-Perregaux … 72 – Hublot
11 – Victorinox … 42 – Salvatore Ferragamo … 73 – Junghans …
12: Cuervo y Sobrinos … 43 – Mühle-Glashütte … 74 – Cat Watches …
13 – GUCCI 44 – Versus 75 – Artya
14 – Tissot 45 – de Grisogono … 76 – Bering
15 – Chopard … 46 – Bell & Ross … 77 – Sarpaneva …
16 – TAG Heuer … 47 – Swarovski … 78 – N.O.A
17 – Movado … 48 – Gc 79 – Eterna
18 – Harry Winston … 49 – Superdry … 80 – MCT Watches …
19 – Maurice Lacroix … 50 – Karen Millen … 81 – Mauron Musy …
20 – NOMOS Glashutte 51-Tonino Lamborghini 84 – Festina …
21 – Bausele … 52 – Swiss Military … 88 – Tom Carter …
22 – Alpina 53 – Roamer … 89 – Clerc
23 – Burberry … 54 – Versace … 90 – Albert Riele …
24 – JeanRichard … 55 – Raidillon Watches … 91 – Kairos
25 – Frederique Constant … 56 – Rado 92 – Junkers …
26 – Citizen 57 – Hamilton … 93 – Zeppelin …
27 – Georg Jensen … 58 – Dreyfuss & Co … 94 – Meccaniche Veloci
28 – Mondaine … 59 – Omega … 95 – Rosenthal …
29 – Zenith 60 – Bremont … 96 – Swatch …
30 – Emporio Armani … 61 – Pierre DeRoche … 97 – Patek Philippe …
31 – Christophe Claret … 62 – Calvin Klein … 98 – Faberge …


DIY Oil Spill Simulation

Croatia Oil SpillI’m currently looking for a contract (hint :) but today was not my normal day where I wake up, have a coffee, watch a bit of TV, then start looking for something… Because part of my start is checking out Social Media, where I came across this piece The only oil that goes with a Croatian bikini is olive! by teresafritschi via @JenniferSertl, one of the great global connectors. I’d encourage you to read the piece first, not only for the context of why I did this, but as to why you should be concerned that the oil industry and politicians will probably wreck the Adriatic in the next decade!



20101020 gulf oil spill mapNow to the graphic – how did I do it and what is it’s validity? In short, I used PowerPoint to strip out backgrounds and scale things correctly so I could transpose the BP Oil Spill graphic (from One-fifth of juvenile Atlantic bluefin tuna killed by BP oil spill) on to Google Maps. All you have to do is “go” to New Orleans and adjust the scale on your Google Map so it’s the same scale as as the graphic’s one:


BP Oil SpillOnce you have this, you can go to anywhere in the world (e.g. Croatia) and just underlay that graphic in to the sea – how do we do that?

First, you use a clever little feature that PowerPoint has called “Remove Background”. Firstly, you use it on the Oil Spill to remove the “Background”, which PPT thinks is the faintest part, so on that graphic it’s the map – Voila!


Oil Spill BackgroundNow you have that, set the transparent colour and you can rotate and transpose it to your hearts content so it fits under your map graphic

Croatia Oil Spill Underlay

There’s a bit of Art and Science in doing this – the key things I did for Croatia were align it with the coast and ‘reflect’ it so you have the same phenomena as on the top-right of the original Oil Spill because it’s in a sheltered area and so is the Adriatic. Just in case anyone questions this, I’ve been deliberately conservative as I actually think an oil spill could be even worse in the Adriatic as it’s effectively a confined space!

Croatia-TransparentOnce you have your underlay, how do you put it under the map? That’s where we go back to our friend from PPT, “Remove Background” – you’ll probably have to play about with it a bit this time (as the contrast between sea and land is not as obvious). You can now put together your final image as shown below by simply setting the layer order correctly.

All up, this probably took about an hour as it’s a bit of a fiddly process, but for a cause like Saving the Adriatic, it was well worthwhile.

Furthermore, if anyone’s drilling just off your coast, you can now do your own visualisation of what the impact may be on yourself and neighbouring countries ;-)


Welcome 2015!

London Fireworks 2015M25 Carpark

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted much, mainly due to a contract which requires me to drive on the M20 and M25 (aka “the carpark” for those outside the UK) and as a result, I just don’t seem to of had the time and energy…

Javelin TrainOh, how I long for those lovely trains, and will never complain about a 30 or even 60 minute delay – the worst I’ve had in a car is a 1h trip taking 4h!!!

I look forward to getting on something where someone else is doing the driving so I can use my time effectively

Amazingly, it seems like only 7% (4.5 Million) people in the UK use public transport. Given that nearly 1/3 (22 Million) live in the South-East, where transport is generally pretty good, that seems pretty low. No surprise given the number of people on the motorways – I’ll be happy to take one more off them next contract.

So what’s up for 2015 for me and this blog?

For one, I plan to start getting back in to a bit more of a rhythm, both with my posts and the associated (play) work (generally outside “real work”), and I will continue to post based on my experiences – recent and past…

theme : ecologyWhat are the themes though? Here’s a list of where I’d like to go:

  • Lifestyle & Reviews
  • Process & People & ScramJet
  • Clojure
  • Architecture, including Enterprise & SOA aspects

in no particular order. I won’t get in to specifics as much of it is not yet planned, or I’m working on it but don’t want to reveal it until I have enough meat on the the bones so I can be sure it will fly.

teaserHere’s a few teasers though based on posts I know I’ll write or have in draft form:

  • Review of Bob Marshall’s “Thinking Different” happening last year
  • Review of the: BMW i3 electric car; Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Corporate Subversion – in a positive manner of course :-)

and that’s really just the “boring stuff” – there should be some very interesting posts coming as I hit my stride.

I hope you’ve all had a great XMas & New Year break and look forward to some great interactions in 2015!

Changearc – the thinking person’s RiczWest ;-)

Today I’m (@RiczWest) starting a new twitter account. It’s called ChangeArc. For those who follow me, you’ll recognise this as my “Blog Name” – so what’s the purpose?

Simple – when I started using Twitter, it was primarily as a bookmarking tool. To some extent I still use it as such, but also for so much more…

There’s one problem though – as I look at a lot of content, that means a lot of tweets, and not everyone likes that, including me! There are a number of great people I’d like to follow, but I can’t because they tweet too much.

To that end, I’m going to start a much lower volume (only a few tweets per day) account which is ChangeArc. So what can you expect apart from less tweets? Extremely high quality tweets that will include any posts I do.

I don’t know how this will evolve, but it will be interesting to see…

Free “Mathematica”* in the Wolfram Cloud

Wolfram CloudMy history with Mathematica goes back about 20 years, when I was doing Masters research and using Mathematica for both programming and visualisation.

One problem was that it was expensive unless you could justify it. Also, there were no free or “community” editions available…


Almost a week ago, Stephen Wolfram announced the Wolfram Programming Cloud, which as you can see from the image below is extremely powerful – try doing that in a programming language…

MySurface3DMy SurfaceYep, Mathematica just integrated for two variables and then just assigned that to MySurface which represents that expression and plotted it in 3D

“Ah…”, I hear you say, “that’s just some fancy trickery with a good library, but it’s not real programming”. Well, that’s kind of right, except for the fact that Mathematica has a huge range of such libraries, spanning across most disciplines: Applied Mathematics, Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, Information Science and Technology, Mathematica Technology, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Also, those two lines above are written in the language for Mathematica which is now called Wolfram that is a “symbolic, functional, and rule-based multi-paradigm programming language“. Pure language wise, it’s pretty hard to match.

It’s fully functional, being able to pass around functions to functions in whatever way you want, like above. But it doesn’t stop there as you can do conventional procedural programming:


or, rule and pattern- based programming:

rule = {a_, b_} :> {b, a}
{1, 3} /. rule
{3, 1}

and purely functional programming like this classic fibbonaci example:

f[1]=1;  f[2]=1;
f[n_] := f[n-1]+f[n-2] // Define Fibbonaci Function
f /@ Range[10]       // Now get the first 10

So that’s pretty much all of the major programming paradigms covered! Also, with all the talk about REPL’s these days, Mathematica has had one since it’s inception, except it’s not the REPL you’re used to. Apart from the normal ASCII behaviour, it can typeset and edit equations along with displaying graphics and widgets making it more of a SupeREPL.

Mathematica REPLI’ve not even scratched the surface here in order to keep the examples short and understandable, but you can easily find more by searching for “Mathematica programming example” or “Wolfram programming example“. Or, if you just want to see what it’s capable of doing or just get some inspiration, check out the Wolfram Language Code Gallery.

Interested? Then just head on over to the Wolfram Programming Cloud and get started with the free version which is more than adequate to work out if you should upgrade to add extra options like an offline desktop version or even the mighty Mathematica itself.

Oh, and one last thing…

The Wolfram Cloud works on an iPad!

Yes, our (some very geeky people & me :) dream of being able to do complex computation and programming on the iPad is here – as long as you’re connected… Hopefully it won’t be that long before an offline “iPad Desktop” version comes out :-)

* Technically, the whole of Mathematica is not all in this product yet, but it seems quite a bit is and hopefully it will only be a matter of time before the whole thing is

Intuos Manga Review

Intuous Manga

SummaryDon’t buy an Intuos Manga*, Do buy an Intuos Pen & Touch if you are in the right market segment…

*Assuming you’re not a comic book illustrator – see note at end

There, with that out the way, hopefully no-one else will get sucked into the useless combo that is Intuos Manga! Why do I say that? Because Version (4) of Manga software which is included in the package is absolute crap from a UX perspective (think Windows 95) and is one (very significant) version behind the current version.

I’m jumping a bit ahead here though, so I’ll go right back to the start as there are a few things I found out along my pen tablet journey. I was obviously in the market for a digitiser to do a bit of mucking around and to start work on some “RSA Type” animations for Right Shifting**. As I’m not a professional illustrator and would only use this occasionally I was trying to keep the cost down.

For this review I’ll be using the recent/new model names as Wacom “recently” (2013) “updated” their line in that some of the names are changed, so Bamboo is not Bamboo, it’s now Intuos and Intuos is now Intuos Pro. What’s Bamboo?…

bamboo padIt’s new and would be the most seemingly obvious budget solution, until you read the reviews. It really is a new product and the digitisation and pressure don’t seem too good even for a low end product. Hopefully Wacom will fix this as it’s a great concept, form factor and price point and I’d buy one just to use beside my Mac regularly.

IntuosPenandTouchThat leaves us with the Intuos range. Wacom have managed to achieve what Apple seems unable to – their digitizer can co-exist with a mouse! The Pro versions really are what they say – I don’t see any need to buy them unless you  are using them professionally. As mentioned, the Intuos’ really are the upgraded version of the old Bamboo, but with (optional) touch. I initially (unknowingly) ordered the pen only one and immediately returned it as touch really does make a difference in usage as highlighted in the video below – apologies in advance for the slightly strange colours, but iMovie suddenly decided to saturate it. I’ve done the best I can with some manual tweaking to make it viewable (which the original wasn’t):

So why did I buy the Manga, which is an Intuos Pen / Touch with Manga Studio 4?ArtRage

Because I was in a hurry and didn’t bother researching MS4 thoroughly. It would seem that comic book illustration is a very specialised area and MS is certainly one of the leading products. I’m sure it’s usable after a steep curve (I’d shudder to think how long it would of taken to get to a point of doing that video above with it, but we are talking days to weeks rather than hours!). If you’re an amateur or just someone who wants to do some “graphic noodling” then what to use?

Easy – Art Rage! It’s a fantastically intuitive and flexible package which you can also get for your iPad or iPhone

I hope this has been of help to anyone considering a digitising pad, which you should if you have any interest in drawing, painting etc… Feel free to drop me a note in the comments if you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share.

* Unless you really do comic illustration – Manga really does seem to be regarded as one of the best packages for comic illustration, as I discovered this is a world away from intuitive art tools like ArtRage

** Want to find out more about Right Shifting? The best place to start is the guy who came up with it – Bob Marshall, the @flowchainsensei and his blog, especially the Rightshifting section. More questions? Probably best to ask him…

Poem for The Waterfall Organisation

WaterfallThe Waterfall Organisation. Smashing things on to rocks and down great distances with much spray and noise, but to what effect? The Bottom?

Fishes, swimming in the stream. Oblivious to the waterfall for they live in the flow.

But there is life beyond the stream, beyond The Waterfall.

The fish know this not. The Stream knows this not. The Rocks and Water know this not.

Will they learn? That The Waterfall exists within The World which exists within The Universe.

How small The Waterfall is…