Mathematica – coming to an iPad near you in Wolfram Calculator!

It’s not often you stumble across something that people don’t already know about on the net, but I think I’ve done it! I was doing my n-monthly “Mathematica iPad” search (which I’ve been doing for years!) when I stumbled across the this Stack Exchange discussion: Mathematica and the iPod or iPad [closed] where a link to a very interesting video (above) is given

I almost didn’t watch it as I thought “just another overpriced Wolfram iPad product (e.g. US$50 for the Wolfram Alpha App???), but something made me keep watching and at 13:44 – BLAM!

Wolfram Calculator : Mathematica

So what’s the big deal?

Plot[Evaluate[D[func, respect]], {respect, -3, 1}.., PlotRange->Automatic]

is Mathematica Code!!! Or the “Wolfram Language” as Stephen Wolfram has so humbly named it ;-) That’s right – somewhere in the upcoming (they’re saying Q1, 2014) Wolfram Calculator is the Mathematica Kernel and Language. This is pretty significant in a number of ways:

  • It’s a great differentiator (no pun intended ;) for their calculator which will make it unique and beyond the reach of anyone else on the iPad within the foreseeable future – hopefully they’ll only charge US$50 or less though as any more and people probably won’t buy it.
  • It’s getting a subset (kernel/core) of Mathematica on to the iPad, which is an incremental step to the inevitable:
  • Prediction>>> Mathematica on iPad! Given the fact that Mathematica will be free with Raspberry Pi’s I’d be surprised if we don’t have Mathematica on iPad by the end of next year (2014) – hopefully it too will be reasonably priced, especially if you have existing Mathematica licenses


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