Lean Kanban UK – Day 2

These second day of the conference ended up being just as amazing as the first, building nicely on it. As I’m doing this on an iPad I can’t link to the other posts, but they’re just below

Models, Maps, Measures & Mysteries

A great intro to how someone used Kanban in their organisation, warts and all with both cards and JIRA! Most of the common models and measures were covered with some great bits of advice like setting the WIP limit low on areas where you shouldn’t be doing too much so you get early indication if your system is putting too much work in to them.

What is the value of Social Capital?

Looks at Knowledge work on the assumption that humans are _not_ rational, which is not the assumption of many approaches. In this new and realistic light it is shown that the main value is not so much even the people, but the _relationships_ between the people. Mentions a whole interesting area called Social Capital Theory which seems worthy look.

Shortest Possible Kanban Definition

Andy starts off with the conventional definitions, principles and methods in Kanban and strips them to the core, so you can even tweet them!

Change your viewpoint (lean flow paradigm):
See work as flow
Change your mindset (foundational principles):
Start from here and improve
Change your process continually (core practices):
Make work and policies visible; make validated improvements

Beyond Agile

This was the Big Ticket presentation of the conference from Jim Benson about his new book, of the same name. I think it was a great summary of where “The Leading Edge of the Post Agile (Lean/,Kanban?) Industry” is. It was certainly good enough to buy the book straight after ;-) For me, the takeaway quote was
“There is no recipie for success. There is a recipe for not likely failing”

Red Brick Cancer

What can I say? Hakan Foss, Lego – a winning combination. Hakan is a brilliant presenter and educator and for me personally, this was probably the best session for me personally as it consolidated so much of what I’d learnt during the conference.

Cycle Time Analytics

This would of been better in it’s (originally) earlier slot as it was a quite dense and demanding presentation on forecasting (estimation+probability) for work by an absolutely brilliant Aussie :), Troy who brings a rigorous, mathematical and evidence-based approach to what is so often a “black (box) art”.

There were some great drinks after the conference and I may do a quick entry on these a bit later… Overall, I must say that Lean Kanban UK was an amazing conference – perfect if you’re a newbie or early in your journey of these methodologies as it will provide a boost to your existing experience &| learning,


  1. changearc

    Yeah, I was being a bit ambitious there as there were quite a few drinks, so my memory gets a bit hazy there and I obviously wasn’t taking notes ;-) I can say that we started off at the pub around the corner and found a great Indian not far away…

    As to some more specifics, there was much catching up as I hadn’t met anyone (@drunkcod et al…) apart from Bob. What was interesting is that Troy (fellow Aussie), the guy who did the last “Cycle Time Analytics” presentation was there who was coming from a very rational, systematic approach to things. Needless to say, there was much discussion about the Humanistic side of process and an indication from Bob that there will be an “Antimatter / Rightshifting Unconference (what else would you expect :)” Some time late Jan early Feb somewhere around London…

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