Lean Kanban UK – Day 1

I’m not going to recap specifically as I did various posts throughout the day, but just wanted to add a bit more commentary for those that were not able to attend the conference or are new to Lean and Kanban and reinforce the key points for myself.

Lean Kanban UK – Keynote

Quite a bit of this was an intro to Kanban overall and summary of where the industry is, which was great for someone like me who is relatively new. Some takeaways were: Druckers Challenge: “Can we improve Knowledge Worker productivity by 50x in the 21st century?” To help answer this, it was pointed out that in current systems the Flow Effeciency is typically 1-2% And that 5% is reat!

What can Kanban learn from Vanguard?

I was hoping exam some examples, but this was more an overall talk, still good for getting people thinking that way and using techniques such as Systems Thinking, Intervention Theory and Guided change. Seems to be a area combination area with people still experimenting.

Cynefin in action

An interesting combination of some Cynefin, which seems to be used quite a bit in LKB along with some great war stories and some interesting pointers to areas such as deliberate discovery.

What could you do with 10 years of Continuous Improvement?

I think Tom gets dibs on first mention of the #AntimatterPrinciple in his talk which was a great heroes quest for improvement – 10y is a long time! It was obvious that it was worth it though with the use of Humanistic techniques along with Kanban. Great quote: “Fear is the improvement killer” – obviously a fan of Dune ;-)


Now I know why people rave about @DrunkCod – this man is crazy! In a good way :-) a challenging and entertaining talk and call for resurrection of the bowler hat! Serious Stuff? The ODIN Framework, Decision Mapping, Leading and Lagging Indicators.

John Lewis Portfolio Management Kanban

Very much of interest to me as this was in the more conventional “enterprise area” and refreshing to see people that are still relatively early in “the journey” and bending “the rules” – just like me ;-) some good material on how to role out Kanban in a more conventional way in a conventional organisation.

Kanban Push Me, Pull You – The Talk

This was an absolute mind blower of a talk – John obviously has deep knowledge and experience with Kanban and is “pushing the boundaries” on how to do it in a “pure way”. Definitely worth researching and following up.

Kanban – A Sane way towards enterprise agility

This and the next talk formed a bit of a story arc for me which lead to a bit of an epiphany around systems adoption. This had some great concepts like treating your organisation like a Market for your change initiative and reference The Culture Game and Crossing the Chasm.

You dont need to change, survival is optional

Finally, it all came together for me in this talk and some follow on conversations after the conference. It’s not about process, it’s about the people! We can implement change initiatives using a pull model rather than push!!! That’s big for me at least as most/all change initiatives I’ve been (involved) in are push, maybe with one exception where I lucked across making it Pull.

Now, on to Day 2…

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