• #NoMetrics
    • Any indicator will probably, eventually be gamed
    • Framework
      • ODIN
        • Outcomes
        • Decisions
        • Information
        • Models
          • All models are broken
            • Discard as soon as you’re done
    • Can make a Decision Kanban
      • Decision Mapping
        • Visualise decision making process
      • With decision cards
        • That have info needed on them
    • Make sure you know what decision you’re going to make
      • Based on the Metric
      • Otherwise, you’re just collecting data for the hell of it
    • Lagging Indicators
    • Leading Indicators
      • Theory of Actions
      • ?
    • Measures, will eventually turn toxic
    • When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure
    • Quantification => Clarification
    • Ethics
      • Do no harm
    • How about Needs?

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