Lightning Autumn / Winter, Hiking / Walking Boot Review

nikeIt looks like this week will probably be the last “warm” weekend for this year in the UK. We can’t complain though as it’s been a reasonable length summer.

Last week though I noticed a bit extra moisture on the grass and in the soil, i.e. some of it is starting to get rather soft. Not really ideal for the Nikes (left) that I bought at the beginning of Summer when I started walking again.

They’ve been good, but after a recent walk I returned with soggy socks, which isn’t that bad now, but in a months time will not be pleasant…

Asics Gel-Arata G-TXSo it was off to the local designer outlet to see what was on offer. By total co-incidence, the first store we went to was Asics who only really had one shoe, the Asics Gel Arata G-TX*, but it fitted! As my feet are quite wide for their length, I’m always having problems finding shoes that fit, so when I tried these on, that was it!

I had to try out these “new toys” and so went on a walk. I wasn’t planning on much over 1/2h as with a new pair of shoes (like the Nikes) that’s all you can do the first time.

To Asics Gel-Arata G-TX Soulmy surprise though, after a few adjustments they felt “OK” and after 1/2h they were feeling fine so I ended up doing my usual 1 1/4h walk and feeling like I could of gone on more.

As you can see from the soul, these are serious walking shoes – while going around paddocks I felt like I owned the track (UK people will know what I mean :) as the souls were very solid and supportive. Furthermore, when I returned, thanks to the Goretex and rubber front on these shoes my feet were totally dry.


If you have wide feet, these should fit you nicely as they’re quite adjustable. You could easily use them for serious hiking in any season except winter (where you really need some boots). As for walking or even “country running” they’d be fine in any season although probably a bit warm in summer.

Overall, it’s easy to recommend these as a great overall shoe for most sorts of walking and “country running”. If you do a google, you’ll find that these rank between 4-4.5/5 Stars, so I think they’re definitely worth considering if you’re after this type of shoe.

* Note: These are not current stock on the Asics site, but are available through Amazon and other sites. For some reason the current Asics site does not have anything like this, which is a bit of a pity as this type of shoe / boot (shoot? ;) is ideal for walking and hiking in English coutryside and I’d quite happily use it in Australia which means it’s fine almost anywhere…

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