Jennifer Sertl on Hope

  1. Hope - Emily Dickson - smallHope by Emily Dickinson
  2. How Optimism Creates Resilience via @bigthink
  3. Video: Abundance Is Our Future by @PeterDiamandis
  4. 5 Mantras For 2013 (or anytime!) by @faisal_hoque @FastCompany
  5. Instead of Making Resolutions . . . Dream by @johnsonwhitney
    ♫ Video: Natasha Bedingfield – Wild Horses
  6. Videos: The Porcelain Unicorn & A Piece of Chalk #poignant.
  7. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl
  8. Social Entrepreneurship, CSR & the Imagination by @nigelcameron #cpet
  9. The New Triple Bottom Line by @ReachScale via @CSRwire
  10. Video: The Empathic Civilization by @JeremyRifkin


To make a difference in the face of all that stands in the way of making a difference
~ Don Michael

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