Hyper Hype Curve

Hyper Hype Curve

The Hyper Hype curve, showing the development of words and concepts as practiced by some companies in a manner that generates an amazing amount of revenue (for them, not necessarily their customers ;).

The thing that continually amazes me is the queue of large, fat and stupid organisations that drink from this trough of swill… and come back for more!

I suppose it’s just because it’s easier to do that rather than perform your own thinking and investigations because <<universal entity>> forbid, you may then end up with solutions that are actually tailored to your environment!
</ mini-rant>

Upon further analysis and a survey conducted 3 days ago (n=1, locn=my-head) it has been discovered that the above scenario only 21.6% of the time. Unfortunately (for everyone) the more common phenomenon, which is not as widely publicised is that of the Hyper-Stall which occurs 78.4% of the time:





As can be seen this doesn’t end well for anyone: The consultancies don’t get to milk their customers for the next  few years and the customer emerges disillusioned, with the knowledge that it’s all smoke, mirrors and a rubber stamp.

Luckily for everyone, most organisations and their “leadership” (who are often replaced regularly) are always changing or have the attention span of a teenager with ADD so all the pain and lessons are forgotten.

Silver BulletReady for the next Silver Bullet…

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