Back from a break

Madeira Panorama

Madeira RockI’ve recently finished up my current contract and in the Northern Hemisphere it’s pretty much holiday time. So apart from just returning from a wonderful Fly & Flop at Madeira in the capital Funchal last week, I’m returning from my break from blogging.

A lot has been happening in the interim and I have big plans for the 2nd half of this year which I’ve already started on, but I just thought it was time to say “hello again” – it’s been great to see that people are still checking out my previous posts

Renault Twingo

Whilst there, on one of the two days we actually left “the village” we hired a Renault Twingo for the day from City Bubbles in Madeira  who I’d encourage people to support if  in Madeira or later (probably next year) in Lisbon on the mainland. I have to say that it was great fun and I felt really good knowing that I was cruising around in a pretty carbon neutral way.

Anyway, stay tuned for lots of fun, facts and frivolity – Richard.

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