Jennifer Sertl on Design

Jennifer Sertl DesignIt’s “Blog Sunday” (when I do some entries for now and the coming week) but I’m also doing some Clojure coding and watching @Kevlin Henney‘s “The Programmer”. and @Edumund Jackson‘s “Clojure Data Science” So, it seemed apt that I publish Jennifer’s list on Design to keep my “blog pace” up, which is my current experiment…

  1. The Laws of Subtraction… … by @MatthewEMay HT @CoCreatr#simplicity
  2. Design Principles Index… via @Deloitte HT @On_the_edge1
  3. Business model visualization by @rossdawson
  4. Aligning Personal Development with Business Strategy… my pov with @DrAmitInspires
  5. Strategy + Leadership + Soul… my life’s work~ biz strat + self awareness
  6. Robust internal business design… by @Ronald_C_Stern #humanize
  7. Designing A Smart City… new model with @boydcohen & @manuchis #smartcities
  8. Designing the economy with principles of nature… via @DonRichNet @gideonro
  9. From Ego System to Ecosystem… by @ottoscharmer1
  10. The #Agile Path to Quality… by @flowchainsensei rich resources listed,thx.

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