Earth Day with Jennifer Sertl

Earth Day with Jennifer SertlI was going to post another of my JS tweet Happy Earth Dayarchives, but this being Earth Day and all, with Jennifer doing a service with a series of great tweets, I thought I’d do my bit for Earth Day and curate them!

  1. The Moment… by @MargaretAtwood like a multi-vitamin, #poetry #a3r
  2. Beauty in Nature

    Beauty in Civilization via #ROC talent @mindrelic

  3. Global Risk 2013… via @davos HT @jasdolce
  4. Treasure trove of thought leadership & research #Stockholm… &…
  5. Earth Island Journal via @earthislandjrnl
  6. Print/Post/ Practice ~world leader, business leader, home leader ~this message is one to heed.
    Shaping Solutions for a World in Transition
  7. George Carlin (caution sarcasm & profanity) a bit out of brand but significant RT @MarshaCollier
  8. The Empathic Civilizlation by @JeremyRifkin
  9. The Earth is Full #TED @paulgilding
  10. The Restoration Economy… via @BKpub (all ebooks 85% off today!)

PS It’s technically post-earth-day – hope you did something nice for the earth yesterday. I just caught the train which I do all the time…

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