Jennifer Sertl on Learning

Jennifer Sertl LearningAs I remarked in my previous post with Kevlin Henney’s ACCU 2013 Resources, I’ve archived quite a few of Jennifer Sertl’s tweets, specifically when she does a “Top 10”, as I’ve always wanted to archive them in some form because it’s always good info. To that end, I’ve decided to share them as blog posts to get back in to some regular blogging.

Without further ado, here’s her Top 10 InfoBytes on Learning:

  1. Teaching Smart People How to Learn (Argyris classic) via @DavidHolzmer | un-learn to learn ∞
  2. Passion & Flow… by @jhagel
  3. Drive – the surprising truth about motivation #RSA by @DanielPink
  4. The Empathic Civilization #RSA via @JeremyRifkin
  5. Building personal capacity for #reflection… … my personal model w/ @DrAmitInspires
  6. The Age of Insight… by @jonahlehrer via @wired
  7. How reading can increase critical thinking… my pov w/ @DrAmitInspires
  8. Here are the three fundamental books I’d love all educators to have……#edu
  9. How serious are we about learning?… … sober view @cdnorman
  10. From Overloaded Circuits… … … … toward the Power of Pause… … … … via @BKpub

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