Patterns (of Power)

PatternsOriginally posted to HostLeadership

I’ve just finished watching one of the most amazing movies called “Patterns”, which was then renamed to “Patterns of Power”. So why is this movie so amazing?

  1. It was made by Rod Sterling, the guy who later bought you The Twilight Zone
  2. It was originally screened on Kraft Television Theatre – many of the original cast are in the movie
  3. It was made in 1956 and it seems like NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

In some ways it’s like looking at a child’s blueprint for the corporate “evil” and psychopathy which exists around us. There’s a real innocence about this movie as the people are speaking more directly to themselves and to us the audience. The one of the key characters though has all the attributes of a Corporate Psychopath. You could take him from that time and put him as the head of a bank and he’d be right at home – bullying, abusing and manipulating people through shouting and violent language.
So why am I posting this in a soft forum? Because I think it’s an ideal talking point for what we don’t want – organisationally and personally in almost every respect. I think the ending could promote much discussion…


I was asked where this is available. I saw it at a friends, but it looks like it’s available at Netflix…

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