Some Great Ted Talks

On my Twitter Holiday (I’m back on Twitter now, so I just tweet them as they’re released) I watched a number of TED talks, so rather than do a whole bunch of tweets, here’s a list with a few comments:

Amazing talk about depression, and it’s just not what people pre-concieve. As Ruby says “Your pets are happier than you are”. Too true, and what are we to do about this? Another ~ quote “It won’t just be 1 in 4 with mental problems, if we keep going the way we are it will be 4 in 4!”
Absolutely amazing talk about Fractal 3D shapes that are actually being built – I want one of these columns in my home :-)
Great coverage of some of John Maeda’s work, culminating in the demonstration of an interesting new management / networking tool that he’s working on
Let’s get real and acknowledge that the climate is changing and actually work out how to live in it as it’s not going away in the short term
Builds a new “hybrid representation” public transport map of Dublin – many insights in to how we think directionally
Confronting talk about how “droids” (/AI) are already taking our jobs and are getting better according to Moore’s Law. We have to start thinking how society will handle this
So much food being thrown out just because it just doesn’t “look right”. Somethings got to change and it shouldn’t be the food ;-)

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