Back from Holidays

We’ve just got back from a fantastic break in Sevilla, with a US relation who can speak fluent Spanish which makes a huge difference! It was actually on that break, while 1/2 asleep during a siesta that I worked out how to get back on to Twitter without being overwhelmed, so I’m back from my Twitter Holiday also!

As I’ve frequently admitted, I’m a bit behind on the social media curve so I’m sure many have had similar or “evolved” to this state. For the benefit of anyone who is in a similar position or feeling a bit overwhelmed though, here’s what I did:

  1. Set up a private Twitter List called Read which is now my “new stream”. I’ve made it private as it’s a subset of the people that I’m following on Twitter.
  2. Changed my preferences on Tweetbot so this is displayed by default. It didn’t take me long to find that if you click on the icon, you can choose what is displayed. I’d always wondered what that was for…

And that’s it!

I’m still going to be tweeting less though as using a blog has made me think more of approaching Twitter from a qualitative rather than quantitative perspective.

There is still the issue of effective analysis to cover the gap of “these are the people I want to read all the time” and “there are a whole bunch of other people that I’m interested in but don’t have the time to follow. That can only be covered by some Personal Analytics on my full Twitter stream which will be the subject of a subsequent post.

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