Some Interesting LinkedIn Statistics for me

So I was in of those “bored / must do something” moods and decided to classify my LinkedIn contacts! As you’ll see below, I have 581 contacts and had only classified 1/2 of them, so a bit later I had it all done. Being a visual person though, I had to do a Pie Chart to go with them:

and it’s quite interesting, so I thought I’d share it as it’s pretty much what I expected:

  • Colleagues – the most as I use LinkedIn predominantly as a networking tool for my work
  • Others – either people from Twitter or who I’ve just LinkedIn with because they looked interesting
  • Recruiters – I’m pretty picky about which recruiters I LinkIn with, they’ve either placed me in a contract or are someone who I figure it’s worth maintaining contact with – basically a white-list.
  • Group Members – explains itself
  • Friends – I actually have more than that (c’mon, I’m not that sad! :) but these are just the ones that are mostly in IT
  • Classmates – people I’ve managed to track down on LinkedIn

Make of it what you will – I just thought it was interesting.

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