Going Slow on Social Media

As I’ve recently blogged, I’ve taken a Twitter Holiday and have found it to be quite liberating. This feeling continues as my nervous system is getting used to less stimulation, which has been helped by having the flu for a while – this has been the first day that I’ve been up to doing anything on a computer, and I’ve been thinking…

. . . about the Slow Movement http://www.slowmovement.com/

which I’ve always been interested in. So today it hit me that what I’m really trying to do is Go Slow on Social Media. I’m obviously not the first person to suffer from Social Media Overload, and it seems I’m now going through the “self-correction phase”. I do want to remain engaged, just with a bit more balance.

The first step was obviously to temporarily disconnect from Twitter so I could get the bandwidth to actually go slow and it’s emerging that the first step seems to be just using Flipboard for my favourite sites and WordPress to hear what most of the people I’m interested in are thinking.

So what about Twitter? As I’ve stated, I’ll definitely be back there in a few weeks or months, but how? So far, I’m thinking:

  1. Cut down the number of tweets / day I do to <5
  2. Find or make a tool with some serious analytics going on Twitter so I can reduce the traffic I’m getting to ~10-20 items / day

which I think is interesting as it’s a hybrid human / machine solution. These are obviously the best type of solution in the social media space as if you take the human out of the loop, well – where’s the social bit? Point 1 is personal and easy. Point 2 is automated, with human input (probably defining filter criteria) and what I’ll be working on.

BTW: While writing this, I’ve just been listening to “Is It Just Me Or Is Everything $#!t?” by John Nolan who is an ACM Distinguished Engineer and Agile practioner since 1999 having founded and run one of the world’s longest Agile(XP) projects at Connextra (7+ years). Leave your sacred cows at the door and check this out as John rants about the computer-driven information society we live in and the compromises it forces us to make, pleading for a simpler and more humane approach to it. Couldn’t of put it better…

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