The Day After the Night Before

Wow, feels kind of weird – not checking Twitter… I must confess I did check Twitter briefly this morning as my We’re All going on a Twitter Holiday post and tweets were pretty late so I thought they were worth double-checking. Lucky I did as I left out a whole block of people in my Follow Friday (on Tuesday) tweets! Since rectified…

Reading back on that post, it seems like I’m leaving Twitter for good. I suppose it was just a cognitive hangover from leaving a contract last week. And it’s kind of similar, although there was a lot of chatter, good times and productivity, there’s probably only a small number of people who will keep in contact. That doesn’t matter though, because “I’ll be back” and re-entering the “fire-hose of consciousness” that is Twitter some time…

I suspect my blog posts will be peppered with photos and formatting tricks as I’m reveling in the freedom from 140 chars. I could always of blogged though, but with the limited time available, it seemed like Twitter expanded to fill that and more, so all I was doing was checking Twitter, re-tweeting, favouriting and responding, like some monkey or mouse in a psychological test – it was like there was some part (probably the “detail oriented” one) of me that had to keep up to date with everything on Twitter. When I did get some time, then I’d read something or watch a video, but that was getting rarer and rarer. I did try trimming the people I followed back, but I just kept finding more interesting ones!

Thus my decision to “disconnect” and regroup for a while… Being a technologist though, I have the seed of an idea on how to reconnect, which of course involves technology in the form of Clojure, Analytics, Baysian Networks and probably whatever AI technologies I can throw at the problem, as it really is one of pattern-matching, classification and filtering. The thing I learnt from the DailyRiczWest experiment was the great benefit in “hybrid systems” in social media – don’t take the human out of the loop! Incorporate them as part of the system and give them flexibility in that role.

So how does it feel to be dis-connected from Twitter? FANTASTIC! As mentioned, I did double-check my tweets and of course couldn’t help but take a peep at the stream. What was there? Someone saying the usual sort of stuff they say and some new person who sounded really interesting – possibly worth following. In other words, BAU – not going to miss it at all :-) For a while…

PS I will cross post to Twitter and Linked in – just don’t respond to me on them as I’m pretty hopeless checking LinkedIn. Either comment or email…

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