DailyRiczWest – behind the scenes v0.3

Newspaper MegaphoneNot really much change for this version, so I thought I’d take a step back from the detail. As mentioned originally, apart from solving a problem for me, this is an experiment in “Social Coding”. So what do I mean by this? I’m certainly not up to the standards of the “Raspberry Pi Teenagers” who were in The Future of Programming – hint: it’s not a new IDE! but this is an experiment in my own context with the following overall objectives:

  • Solve my immediate need for a totally customisable personal paper
  • Get in to the habit of blogging more than once every 1 or so weeks
  • Play around with some social / web tech
  • Learn whatever else I can and have fun!

Oh – the “programming change” – that was pretty simple – I just used *br* instead of <br> in the template

@{{UserName}} : {{Text}}*br*<br>
{{CreatedAt}} : <a href=”{{LinkToTweet}}”>
Link to Tweet</a> <a href=”{{FirstLinkUrl}}”>
Link to Article</a>*br*<br>

and did a search/replace on the generated file to put <br>’s in. So far, I’ve been “producing” the paper manually using KompoZer and for now the template is fairly sorted, so it’s time for some programming to get this puppy automated! Luckily, it’s the weekend…

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