DailyRiczWest – behind the scenes v0.2

Newspaper MegaphoneToday I’ve changed the IFTTT rule so it outputs HTML and can hopefully just add a header and footer to almost automatically get a page. Or that was the plan…

IFTTT Uses a <br> to indicate a new line. Of course, if you know HTML, then you’ll know it’s used for the same purpose in that. In v0.1, I had to manually put in the newlines using an HTML editor – BTW KompoZer is the best free, cross platform editor I know of. So, I thought “I’ll outsmart IFTTT and use <br />” which is really the same thing, giving me the content of:

@{{UserName}} : {{Text}}<br /><br>
{{CreatedAt}} : <a href=”{{LinkToTweet}}”>
Link to Tweet</a> <a href=”{{FirstLinkUrl}}”>
Link to Article</a><br /><br>

Nope, it was too smart and realised that was the same thing, so I just ended up with double newlines! Back to manual edits…

As usual, I have an idea to get around that, so I’ll give it a go in v0.3

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