DailyRiczWest – behind the scenes v0.1

Newspaper MegaphoneWith the release of the first DailyRiczWest, if you’ve followed the link you’re probably thinking “what’s up here?”. I’ve noticed people putting up papers like paper.li and spotify and kind assumed that it was possible to link Favourites from Twitter in to these – it’s NOT! :-( I’ve searched the web and everyone wants to automatically feed you things.

Lately, I’ve discovered If This Then That and one of the things you can do is add to a file if something is favourited. So that’s step one. The next thing is to publish it, which is where you’re pre 2011 Dropbox account comes in. If you have one of these, then you’ll have a “Public” folder that you can share with no authentication – i.e. you can use it as a web server! That’s probably why it’s no longer available…

So, having my favourites.txt file I’ve manually copied it to a location and made it in to HTML. Quit a manual process, but it’s a start. The plan is to make this a social sharing project just in case it’s of interest to anyone. Even if it’s just me that’s interested, at least I have some documentation as the plan is to blog about each version within a day or so of it coming out.

The end goal is to end up with something like one of the curated papers, but that’s a fair way off, so in the Agile Spirit I’ll just released early and will hopefully be updating often, as long as work doesn’t get in the way…

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